Save a lifetime of sleeping and breathing issues

Does your kiddo have crowded teeth? Are they breathing through their mouth when they are awake or asleep? How about waking up in the night, prolonged bed wetting, teeth grinding, or snoring? Are you considering ADHD medication or tonsillectomy? Any one of these things could be symptoms of serious breathing problems caused by improper development of the jaw and facial muscles.

While traditional methods had us wait until our kiddo was more developed to start treatment, with new treatment methods we can start addressing the problem as early as 3 years old! With the Happy Sleeper our kids no longer have to suffer through years of poor sleep and the damaging effects that come along with that. We are able to fix the foundational issue and help our kids grow to their full potential all while forming the correct habits early so we can avoid a lifetime of sleep and breathing issues.

Meet Dr. Kara

Hey, I'm Dr. Kara! I grew up in a small town just outside of Birmingham, Alabama where I spent much of my time playing golf, basketball, and hiking. Being from a small town, I always had a desire to travel and see the world. I set out on a journey of visiting each US national park and somewhere along the way fell in love with the mountains of Utah. After completing my dental training at UAB, I decided it was time to make Salt Lake City my new home. These days I still spend a majority of my down time on the golf course or hiking, but now with some incredible views as the backdrop.

When I began my dental journey I worked in a family practice setting seeing both adults and kids and while I loved that side of dentistry, I became increasingly aware that there was a huge link being missed in our dental and overall health that starts during our early childhood years: Proper breathing! That is why I have shifted my full focus to training kids to breathe properly so they can grow and thrive and reach their full potential.

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